Where are you located?
We are located on the Southwest corner of Greenfield Rd and Warner, in Gilbert, AZ.

Is the space clean? What about the bathrooms?

Yes!!! Our staff cleans the preschool room after each class and it is required that all toys and surfaces that are used throughout the class are cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner. The bathrooms are also cleaned at the end of each class.
One of our basic principles at Learning Garden is a clean space for children – this definitely includes the bathrooms!

What should my children bring to preschool?
For infants a blanket, 2 sets of extra clothes, pacifier (if used), diapers, wipes, diaper cream (if needed), pre-made bottles, baby food and any other snacks they may eat. For toddlers a blanket, wipes, diapers, and an extra set of clothes (if they are potty training, please bring in about 3 sets). Preschoolers and Pre-Kinder”garden” a blanket and an extra set of clothes. Please remember to label all your child’s belongings.

Is my child just going to be “playing” at preschool or will he/she be “learning”?
Our diversified program will offer the following activities to form a strong basis for school readiness:

  • Language is encouraged through the use of dramatic play, blocks, creative art, stories, problem solving and social interactions.
  • Small muscles necessary for writing are strengthened with fine motor activities such as scissors, playdough, sign language, stringing beads, and pasting.
  • Perceptual and conceptual development are improved with the use of science, puzzles, board games, fingerplays and books.
  • Motor development enhances growth of large muscles with obstacle courses, balancing boards, tricycles and balls.
  • Music and movement brings songs and creative movement that develops listening skills, rhythm patterns and attention span.
  • Fun with God is a special time when children hear Bible stories and learn songs and prayers about being loved in God’s world.

Does anyone in the building know CPR and First-aid?
Yes! All of your teachers and staff must be certificated in both CPR and First-aid to work at the Learning Garden Preschool.

What is your school’s discipline procedure?
At the Learning Garden all staff is trained on redirecting children in a positive manner. We will not use time out at anytime for means of discipline.