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Painting a Masterpiece

Painting a masterpiece

“Train Them in the Way They Will Go”

Train them in the way they will go
Children are a gift from our Lord Jesus Christ, and they need all the love we can give them all their lives.
They also need some boundaries we set for them to grow, that will keep them all safe and will teach them to know. 

What values that we have and what’s right in the Lord to raise them Heavenward, is a task we’ve all been called.

As parents from the Lord we need to raise our young, to always trust in God And to believe upon His Son.
To always walk with Him until their days are through, to know the plan he has and what God has called them to.

For we will always reap the amount that we have sowed, so we must train them now in the way that they will go.

By M.S. Lowndes

A “Hands On” Approach to Learning

Why Choose the Learning Center?
The Learning Garden Preschool is guided by the standard of developmentally appropriate practice. Our staff embraces the view that each child is a unique person with an individual pattern and timing of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.
Our center offers a “hands on” approach to learning. This style of early childhood education is designed to foster creativity and expanded self-expression. William Penn Center teachers manifest their respect for children by encouraging them to think for themselves, make decisions, work toward their own solutions, and express their own ideas and feelings.

Why Choose the Learning Garden Preschool?

Why choose the Learning Garden?
We realize that there are many schools to choose from in Gilbert, AZ and know that this decision is a painstaking one for all parents. Therefore we invite you to discover what so many other parents have found. You can rely on our warmth, professionalism, cleanliness, and high standards.